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Getting to The Heart and Soul of Country

Kendall Shaffer


Kendall Shaffer is as real as it gets

… a student of country greats Keith Whitley and George Jones, Kendall is carrying their torch in this new generation. Kendall music is emblematic of the raw authenticity found in country, hard working and uncompromising. Kendall describes his music as “honest”, which can not be more plainly exemplified than in his newest single “Watering Hole”. Featuring vocals from Jeffery Allen Imler, the song acts as an ode to the blue collar drinking lifestyle. The song embodies the universal sense of comfort and relief of sipping a cold brew after a long day’s work. Kendall Shaffer fits comfortably into his role as the working class hero, spending his days at the job and his night down at the bar. As soon as Kendall’s sincere yet gruff voice kicks off the song, you know he means every word he’s singing. You get the sense that Kendall really was mixing in some Everclear as he recorded the song.

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